2021 Set-Up Information

The gate is open for vendor entrance at 5 AM on all selling days with morning hours. We advertise selling hours at 7 AM.
  • All regular 2-Day weekends are $15 per Saturday and $20 per Sunday. Reservations are not needed. Gate Opens at 5 am and selling hours are from 7 am - 4 pm. Two 3' x 12' tables are provided.

  • 2021 Spring Opening is priced the same as a regular weekend ($15 on Saturdays and $20 on Sundays) and NO Reservations are need. Buyer Entrance on Saturday for this weekend (in ALL parts of the market) will be at 7 AM, with NO gate fees.

  • All Extravaganzas are a 3-day package for $100 with a pre-paid reservation or $125 day of show. Reservations must be paid in full at least 5 days prior to show for pre-paid rate (no exceptions!) Single days (without reservation) are $50 each.

  • Fiber Show is a 2-day package. For reservations, please call Janet at 717-336-2581 or icanspinthat@windstream.net.

  • Shupp's Grove Bottle Fest is a 3-day package. For reservations, please call Steve Guion at 717-371-1259.

  • Seasonal rates are availabe upon request.

  • In need of an OUTSIDE VENUE for YOUR EVENT?...Call Us!

Space size:

In the center of the Grove spaces are all 15' wide and at least 20' deep. These spaces accomodate a regular sized vehicle and have (2) 3' X 12' tables.

Around the perimeter of the market, spaces are 15' wide and can be up to 40' deep. These spaces accomodate a box truck or motor home and have (1) 3' X 12' table.

Extra tables:

6' tables can be ordered ahead for your set-up at $5 each, per day.